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Join the Community
Join the REI community making waves online, we're all about success
Bonus #2
Building Your Power Team
1 hour, step-by-step approach to building an unstoppable REI team.
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Fast Track Bundle
Scripts, tools and analyzers that save you time, and make life easier. 
Meet Edna Keep
Your 5 Day Challenge Coach
Edna Keep is co-founder of 3D Real Estate, Profit in the Prairie Real Estate Investor Group and Multiple Ways to Wealth, a training, education and membership organization for Real Estate Investors. Edna has dedicated her life to helping Real Estate Investors grow their investments and their Real Estate businesses using knowledge that she's created, and curated specifically for Real Estate Investors. 

For the past two decades Edna has mastered the financial markets and built a Real Estate portfolio with 450 doors, valued at over $47,000,000. She now teaches her students how they can easily build passive income and wealth in Real Estate using proven methods and strategies she's developed in her businesses. 

In 2015 she won the Real Estate Investor Network (REIN) award for Top Investor and in 2010 Edna was inducted into the TIGRENT International Hall of Fame, as her and her husband Warren bought 50 doors in 18 months with various strategies they took action on. This is an award honoring only a handful of Canadians. 

Edna and her family live in Regina, Saskatchewan. She is regularly called upon by major Real Estate networks to provide her unique views and insights in the Real Estate Investing Industry. 
During this FREE experience, you will receive:
  •  5 Trainings to create massive action within you, and attract JV partnerships and Real Estate Capital 
  •  Downloadable resources and exercises to help you become a Million Dollar Investor
  • Connect with the Investors that you want to serve, present opportunities that will change their lives.
  •  Discover how to quickly analyze properties and get the right deals under contract
  •  Understand the simple steps to increase your exposure and authority as a sophisticated investor.
The 5-Day Training Includes:
Millionaire Mindset Shift
- Rid yourself of your time-for-money mindset and step into your 7-figure future
- Develop your vision of wealth and start attracting money - It's easier than you think
- The 7 mistakes and 1 big reason you keep yourself broke

The Million-Dollar Money Funnel
- 3 steps to uncovering a hidden wealth of capital that you already have access to. 
- Attract loyal, eager investors who are ready to fund your real estate deals.
- Investor attraction blueprint on how and what to say to real life investors. 

The Property Method
- Leverage technology and analyze properties in less than 10 minutes with my proven tools. 
- The Investors toolkit for getting a deal under contract. 
- The 10 things you must know, when making an offer on multi family properties

Perfect Investor Targeting
- Leverage your network and transform acquaintances into JV partners with capital. 
- 3 scripts you can use to put potential investors at ease. 
- 5 mistakes you're making when talking to investors and the number one thing you must know to get capital

90 Day Investment Takeover 
- Position yourself as a Real Estate Investing Authority in your market
- The plan to reach your REI goals and attract top level investors and JV partners
- Negotiate, Analyze and Master your business so you can confidently grow your investments. 

REMEMBER: This is NOT only about hard work. If you don't have a strategy and you don't know where you're going, hard work will easily take you in the wrong direction. 

It's about a strategic step-by-step action plan that moves you toward what matters most to you. 
This training will exceed your expectations and get you on the right path to where you want to be. 
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